Poolz New Token Deployment (“$POOLX”)


Fellow Poolz community, Poolz Finance has completed the preparation of Poolz Finance (POOLX) airdrop distribution to eligible users who held POOLZ Finance tokens (POOLZ) during the snapshot timings.  Centralized exchanges: Direct airdrop to their account (they will allocate these funds to the individual holders) Decentralised Holders: Claim from Poolz distribution website  Please note: We managed […]

Poolz Finance Audit Report

Following up on last week’s events, we completed a detailed security audit with multiple reputable audit firms, including Certik, Dcentralab, Chainport, and The Arcadia Group. The audit includes a thorough review of our smart contract code for all of our existing products, as well as an additional audit for POOLX. Audit Process The audit process […]

Community Update – A Few Words from Our Founders

Hi everyone, hope that all is well with the current market and CEX situation. It will not always go to be easy, but there will be bright days ahead: • Web3 and decentralization are here to stay. • It’s a Painful process, but after all, we will get a cleaner industry. • Poolz’s cash flow […]

Poolz is now Collaborating with Market Crash Protection Company- Shield Finance

Today, we are excited to announce a partnership with Shield Finance, a Multi-Chain DeFi Insurance Aggregator that allows users to buy protection against major market crashes due to prevent dumps and black swan events. Shield Finance will deploy Market Crash Protection contracts for Poolz. These contracts will allow the $POOLZ token holders to buy protection against a […]