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Poolz Admin

Poolz Admin

It’s been approximately 10 days since POOLZ launched and the support and positive feedback we have received so far has been overwhelming. Over 220 projects have applied to launch on the POOLZ platform so far and we are currently developing some very exciting partnerships behind the scenes — including new integrations of some of the biggest blockchains to the Poolz ecosystem.

Many of you have been asking about future holding requirements as well as when the first IDO will take place — we are excited to share in this article some initial information!

Simplified Tier Structure for our First IDO

From the very high quantity of applications received thus far, we have selected an extremely exciting project for our first IDO on the POOLZ launchpad. We are working closely with the team and are aiming to have the IDO in the first week of February. Additional details of this project will be announced in the next couple of days. The one thing we will share already now is that the token economics are incredibly attractive with an initial circulating supply of less than $250k… while more than 40% percent of that amount reflects Uniswap liquidity, which the project committed to lock for 1 year! But as you will see soon, it is not just the token economics that makes this project very special…

While we will soon implement a more sophisticated tier model, for this first IDO we will only have TWO “TIERS” with the following POOLZ holding requirements:

  • 250 POOLZ: People holding at least 250 POOLZ will be able to invest up to 0.25 ETH — this pool will contain 60% of the total allocation
  • 1,250 POOLZ: People holding at least 1,250 POOLZ will be able to invest up to 0.4 ETH — this pool (which naturally much less people will have access to) will contain 40% of the total allocation

Please note that while in the future there will be a whitelist process, this first IDO will be conducted on a first-come-first-served basis. (People holding 1,250 POOLZ will have a very high likelihood of getting an allocation, and also more than half of people holding 250 POOLZ will get an allocation). We know many of you have been hoping for higher allocations — in the future, there will definitely be pools with higher allocations as well. For our first IDO due to the project’s very low initial marketcap we decided to go with relatively lower allocation thresholds to enable a decent amount of people the opportunity to invest. Given the project’s fundamentals, amazing partnerships and its jaw-dropping token economics we believe this is a very attractive opportunity for investors.

A Preview of our Future Tier Structure

Combining the input of an experienced psychologist along with our analysis of many scenarios we are in the process of finalizing our POOLZ holder model, which will be designed to provide a strong incentive to accumulate and hold POOLZ tokens. We are looking forward to soon announcing the details of this model — here are some of the model’s early cornerstone principles:

  • We believe generally that people holding more POOLZ tokens should receive more benefits — therefore we will be using a TIER structure. The higher the tier you are in, the more benefits you will receive. At the same time, it is important to us that many people can be part of POOLZ and get priority access to investment opportunities on our platform
  • These benefits will be associated with the chances of getting whitelisted, as well as the amount that can be invested. Moreover, there will be additional benefits for higher tiers such as special VIP and VVIP staking opportunities or access to the POOLZ Governance Committee
  • For the lowest POOLZ holder tier (“AMBER”) an amount of 250 POOLZ tokens needs to be held in order to get priority access to the POOLZ platform. We are aware that not every investor can easily afford this amount of tokens — but we prefer to make access to POOLZ deals a little bit more exclusive so that people who meet the minimum holder requirement have a realistic chance to participate in the deals offered on our platform. In case of significant price changes or with an increasing amount and size of pools on our platform, we may adjust this minimum threshold in the future
  • For the highest tier (“BLUE DIAMOND”) there also will be GUARANTEED allocations. For this tier, people need to hold at least 10,000 POOLZ.
  • In between the lowest (AMBER) and the highest tier (BLUE DIAMOND), there will be a number of additional tiers with increasing benefits. This way people can move up the tier-hierarchy step by step. Please note that staked tokens count towards a wallet’s holdings
  • Please note that for Future IDOs we will take a snapshot one week before the IDO day, and you will need to hold the required token amount by then (as well as at the time of the IDO itself of course).

We strongly believe that this tier structure is in the best interest of the POOLZ ecosystem and our holders and we are looking forward to announcing all of the details in the coming days. Having a tier model with a number of different tiers and clearly defined token requirements offers many benefits for the POOLZ ecosystem:

  • There is a strong incentive for people to hold and accumulate POOLZ in order to move up to the next higher tier and its associated attractive benefits.
  • Having a number of tiers between the lowest and highest tier ensures that the “distance” to the next higher tier is not too big and there is a realistic chance to reach the next tier — e.g. by investing a part of realized profits
  • As mentioned: The higher the tier, the higher the likelihood to get access to attractive pools, the higher possible investment amounts will be and the more additional benefits you will be eligible for. We will make sure it will always be attractive to move up to the next higher tier…

Please note that with the growth of POOLZ and the increasing amount of tokens in circulation we might further refine the tier model, if this is beneficial for the POOLZ ecosystem. In case this should happen, we would inform you well in advance and would thoroughly discuss this with the POOLZ Governance Committee (to be announced soon!)

Currently, we are in the process of integrating this model into our codebase and plan to thoroughly test it before going live. This is why we have decided to use a much more simplified model for our first IDO.

“Moreover there will be additional benefits for higher tiers such as special VIP and VVIP staking opportunities liquidity providers program, access to the POOLZ Governance Committee and GUARANTEED ALLOCATION.”

Protecting our Community

At POOLZ, protecting our community is of the highest importance. Besides doing thorough due diligence on projects that launch on POOLZ, we have also designed the IDO-process itself in a way that protects our community from potential scams. Projects that launch on POOLZ are required to first send their tokens to a POOLZ wallet beforehand. From there the swap with funds from pool participants will occur. This means that the funds you send will initially be held by POOLZ — we will hold those tokens until trading has successfully started. In the (very unlikely) event that there should be a rugpull, instead of sending the funds to the project we would refund the investors.

What Will Happen Next?

As mentioned earlier, we are working around the clock on some very exciting partnerships — a few of them will be announced in the near future and we are sure our community will be very pleased about these. Also, you can expect to get more details on our first IDO by the end of this month, as well as the details on our future tier structure.

Thank you all for your support — we are looking forward to the promising journey ahead!

Truly yours,

The Poolz Team.

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