Poolz Finance Integration into MultiversX

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Poolz Finance is excited to announce that the integration on MultiversX is now complete, setting the stage for $EGLD IDOs on Poolz.finance.

About MultiversX

MultiversX, formerly known as Elrond, is a distributed blockchain network for next-gen applications. Decentralized via 3000+ nodes, scalable through sharding, fast, secure & green. It’s known for its unique Adaptive State Sharding technology and Secure Proof of Stake (SPoS) consensus mechanism, making it one of the most advanced blockchain infrastructures available today. MultiversX has attracted significant attention in the blockchain space for its efficient processing of transactions and its aim to build a decentralized, cross-chain interoperable network.

Main Points:

  • Seamless Integration: Poolz Finance users can now enjoy direct access to IDOs on the MultiversX network, ensuring a smooth and seamless experience for participants looking to engage with the latest and most promising projects in the DeFi space.
  • Selection of Top Tier Companies: This partnership ensures that only the most promising and high-quality companies within the MultiversX ecosystem are selected for launch on Poolz Finance, providing our users with access to elite opportunities.
  • Cross-Chain Opportunities: Leveraging Poolz’s chain-agnostic capabilities and MultiversX’s advanced blockchain technology, this partnership enhances cross-chain functionality, offering users and developers more flexibility and broader access to various blockchain ecosystems.
  • Joint Marketing Initiatives: Poolz Finance and MultiversX will collaborate on a series of joint marketing campaigns and educational initiatives designed to enhance community engagement, increase visibility, and drive adoption across both platforms.

Stay Connected

To keep up with the latest developments and opportunities arising from this partnership, follow MultiversX on Twitter and join their Telegram community. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our journey towards making decentralized finance more accessible, versatile, and impactful for our community.

About Poolz

Poolz is the leading decentralized fundraising platform enabling crypto’s most innovative projects to kick start their journey and grow their communities. Poolz allows its users to make research-based decisions to participate in high-potential IDOs, NFT sales, and Gaming projects.

Poolz aims to be a multi-chain platform and currently, users can participate in IDOs and NFT sales on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Celo, and Avalanche, with many more to come.

Stay tuned for more upcoming IDOs

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