Poolz Ventures Invests in Infinity Arena

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Poolz Admin

Poolz Admin

A few months back we launched Poolz Venture to help innovators bring the potential of the metaverse and NFT games to reality. And today, we’re proud to say that we are doing exactly that by investing in projects that are likely to shape the future of P2E, metaverse gaming.

We are thrilled to announce that Poolz Ventures has invested in the Binance Smart Chain-based play-to-earn NFT battle game, Infinity Arena.

Infinity Arena is based in a universe that is not known to many and that is full of secrets about both heroes and beasts and their battles that are never talked about. It’s a battle game that combines science fiction and tactical gameplay and makes it more exciting by involving the P2E model and NFTs in it.

The Infinity universe came into being with one primordial element Zeronium, most of which has now evolved into four fundamental elements — fire, water, air, and earth. The remaining is still spread across the planets in the universe to protect the stability of the universe and its creatures.

Due to the power Zeronium wields, there’s a clan called The Dark Side that is thirsty for it, and protecting Zeronium against them to protect the stability of the universe is a group of heroes and guardians in the Infinity Universe. Infinity Arena is where the heroes and guardians have their final battle with The Dark Side to protect the universe from falling into infinite misery and unstability.

With such a strong backdrop and an amazing team behind the project developing it to perfection every day, Infinity Arena is poised to become a popular game in the near future that would be a foundational piece of the P2E ecosystem.

Given the team’s potential and their abundance of knowledge in building high-quality games, Poolz Ventures is thrilled to have invested in the project at such an early stage. We really hope for this to receive massive adoption and appreciation from the gaming and crypto communities.

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