A Deep Dive into the Poolz Finance Platform

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Stan Goldin

Stan Goldin

Poolz Finance is a decentralized platform that streamlines the process of launching projects and allowing investors to participate through a series of well-structured steps. The full flow comprises the following stages:

New Project Registration and Council Voting:

Projects undergo a due diligence (DD) process and submit their details and requirements for review and approval before being registered on the platform. The Council Governance (Poolz DAO) votes on the project to ensure its viability and alignment with the platform’s objectives.

Open Signup:

With project approval, the Signup phase commences, during which interested participants express their interest in the project and indicate their desired investment amount.

Leaderboard and Whitelist:

  1. After the Signup phase concludes, the platform generates a Whitelist based on leaderboard rankings. The Vault contract determines these rankings by considering the amount of Poolz tokens (POOLX) deposited by each user.
  2. During the Open Signup phase, interested participants can express their interest in the project and partake in the whitelisting process.

Synthetic Token Generation:

A Synthetic Token representing the project’s native token is created and registered in the Poolz Token Sale Contract after the Whitelist process. This token facilitates the token sale.

Public round and Vesting:

Whitelisted investors can participate in the token sale by exchanging stable coins for the project’s Synthetic Tokens. Upon sale completion, the acquired tokens are locked as per the vesting schedule outlined in the Lock Deal V2 contract.

User Protection:

The platform offers an insured model for public sale participants in the event the project fails to meet its goals or if users opt for the secured mechanism. This protection ensures the safety of participants’ funds.

In Summary:

Poolz Finance serves as a comprehensive and secure platform for launching and bootstrapping new projects. Ranging from registration and Council voting to Whitelisting, token sales, and refunds, the platform guarantees a seamless and transparent experience for project owners and Web3 users, relying on fully decentralized and open-source protocols.

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About Poolz

Poolz is the leading decentralized fundraising platform enabling crypto’s most innovative projects to kick start their journey and grow their communities. Poolz allows its users to make research-based decisions to participate in high-potential IDOs, NFT sales, and Gaming projects.

Poolz aims to be a multi-chain platform and currently, users can participate in IDOs and NFT sales on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Celo, and Avalanche, with many more to come.

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