POOLX Buyback Program: Increasing Value for POOLX Holders

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Stan Goldin

Stan Goldin

Poolz Finance community has approved the buyback program proposal, a significant step towards increasing synergies and utility between the platform and the Poolz Finance token. The proposal aimed to provide more value to POOLX holders, increase demand for the token, support the growth of the Poolz Finance ecosystem, and enhance the liquidity of POOLX.

The POOLX tokens acquired through the buyback program will be obtained from the DEX (Pancakeswap) and securely transferred to a dedicated wallet where they will be permanently locked away. The Poolz Finance platform will use 2-4% of its revenue to buy back POOLX from the market, reducing the total circulating supply of POOLX.

For example; if Poolz Finance raises $400k for Carbon browser during its IDO on our platform, our team will repurchase $16k worth of POOLX and the token will be transferred to the locking wallet.

Please note that the company reserves the right to stop or change the percentage of the buyback at any time through the DAO voting mechanism. Additionally, the total buyback amount will be adjusted according to the refund amount, if any.

We are excited to introduce this program and provide enhanced value to our esteemed users. If you have any inquiries or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact the Poolz Finance team.

Buyback wallet0xe0C458e5491a1AF8768b0f9Dc62A621B5407Fb4E

Proposal result: https://tinyurl.com/3ys6nfre

We express our sincere gratitude for your unwavering support.

Best regards, The Poolz Team.

About Poolz

Poolz is the leading decentralized fundraising platform enabling crypto’s most innovative projects to kick start their journey and grow their communities. Poolz allows its users to make research-based decisions to participate in high-potential IDOs, NFT sales, and Gaming projects.

Poolz aims to be a multi-chain platform and currently, users can participate in IDOs and NFT sales on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Celo, and Avalanche, with many more to come.

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