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Missed the Goracle AMA on Poolz Finance? Don’t worry, here is a summarized version of the AMA with Goracle Co-founder.
You can see the full AMA on Youtube by clicking here.

Question number 1- Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your role at Goracle?
Answer- As a co-founder of Goracle, with a background in both Computer Science and Business Management, my goal is to ensure Goracle is staffed with the right experts, the protocol has a clear direction in term of business development and revenue generation, and that security of the system is protected at all times.

Question number 2- Please tell us a little bit more about your platform and its unique selling point?
Answer- Goracle aims to accelerate the development of dApps that are useful in the day-to-day lives of millions of users. Goracle will accomplish this by providing the infrastructure necessary for developers and organizations to build applications that make use of real world, off-chain data and off chain computation

Question number 3- What is a key differentiator between your project and other competitors?
Answer- Goracle’s platform mimics cloud-based, web2 networks, and makes it extremely easy to onboard developers. By providing a similar experience to Web 2, Goracle aims to be a part of the explosion of apps with real-world use cases.

Question number 4- Could you talk a bit about your team, partner projects and backers?
Answer- Our team is compromised of Cryptographers, Computer Scientists, mathematicians, and marketing professionals all working together to launch the protocol. We are backed by Layer 1s like Algorand and media companies like Coin Telegraph.

Question number 5- Can you share more about your plans and roadmap?
Answer- Goracle is launching on Algorand in July, then launching on platforms such as Cosmos, Polygon, and Arbitrum shortly after.

Question number 6- Please tell us a little bit about the $GORA token. Its utility, tokenomics and why we should hold it?
Answer- Gora token is used to purchase data, run nodes, delegate voting power, or participate in consensus. Holders will be able to participate by allowing a functioning network, and the value from fees will accrue to the participants.

Question number 7- How do your platform and token lead to revenue generation for you?
Answer- The token is used to pay the Gas fees on the network, which in turn go to the various participants.

Question number 8- Could you tell us a bit about community-related plans and Campaigns and if they can test the product and any potential rewards?
Answer- Goracle has been running incentivized testnet, where users can perform various technical and non-technical tasks. Sign up today at https://testnet-app.goracle.io/

Question number 9- As you know, IDO on Poolz will be on the 28th of June. What are your plans post IDO and Listing and any Alpha you want to share?
Answer- After launch, and exchange listings, Goracle will be running hackathons across various chains as part of its multi-chain expansion, and working with various media companies to develop further business to grow the protocol.

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