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Stan Goldin

Stan Goldin

Question number 1- Hi Assad, could you please introduce yourself to our AMA audience?
Answer-Hi, I am Assad, the co-founder and chief visionary officer of MoonGaming, which is building its first mid-core strategy game called Medieval Empires, loosely based on history, specifically around 13th century Turkey and surrounding territories“.  

Question number 2- Can you explain an overview of the project and its key difference from other Gamefi projects?
Answer- Our game Medieval Empires offers several USPs. Carl Runefelt, who is a huge crypto influencer and investor, is a part of the project bringing in the massive crypto community. In addition, we have Engin Altan Duzyatan, a very famous Turkish actor, bringing in the masses. And then there is our team – an exceptionally talented group of people from the best gaming studios in the world, all working together to bring you guys a phenomenal and immersive web3 gaming experience“.  

Question number 3- Can you talk about your plans for long term and what are you currently working on?
Answer-Currently we are working towards the token launch for Medieval Empires which is due to happen on the 19th of December on the exchange and is going to be a big milestone for us! After that, we have a lot in store for our community, including the alpha and beta versions of the game coming in 2023. Along the way, we will be releasing more updates about our game development as there are many exciting elements of the gameplay our team is working diligently to bring together our promised gaming experience for the gamers“.

Question number 4- Could you tell us more about Tokenomics, token utility and revenue generation model?
Answer-We have a very strong tokenomics design backing our game with our MEE token offering several benefits to the players such as voting power, VIP status, access to purchase NFTs such as Land ETC. The revenue generation model applied in the game allows users to generate actual value through gameplay. For instance, P2P taxes allow landowners in the game to tax others and earn in the form of rent, which is amazing!

Question number 5- Considering the current market condition, how have you prepared yourself to ensure success in this current market?
Answer- “The best way to ensure success in such a situation is to create a great product and show continued progress that motivates people to invest in you and your vision. That is exactly what we are doing at Medieval Empires – making a great game that will stand the test of time!

Question number 6- As we all know IDO on Poolz, will be on the 14th of December. Regarding listing, could you share with participants your plan and timeline?
Answer-Sure, so as I discussed earlier that we are going to be listed on the exchange on the 19th of December, and in the week leading up to that listing, we will be having IDO for MEE Token with various launchpads, including Poolz Finance on 14 December 2022. Our list of IDOs, Exchange listing, and DEX will be updated on our website regularly at https://www.medievalempires.com/mee-token-launch

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