Poolz Boost: An Adoption of Quest-to-Earn and Transition from Web2 to Web3

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Stan Goldin

Stan Goldin


Quest-to-Earn revolutionizes the campaign system by providing project developers with a cheaper and more effective campaign outlet. Hence, ads are not just posted to deprive users of their previous time; quest-to-earn ensures that each campaign gets to the willing participant and provides projects with the proper engagement to accelerate ecosystem growth.

The Poolz Boost is a step in this direction and adoption of the thriving benefits of web3 for web3 users and projects. By providing users with rewards for every quest, Poolz Boost introduces a marketing channel that completely disrupts the boring imposition of ads to introduce a fun and incentive ecosystem.


Accelerating growth in the cryptocurrency or NFT space requires high participation and adoption. Hence, project campaigns and consistent marketing are leading tasks on every project’s roadmap. However, the crypto space is an ever-evolving ecosystem; therefore, the requirement to adopt a more practical approach for every task is more apparent.

To increase community engagement and foster project adoption, Poolz Finance is set to introduce the Poolz Boost. This Quest-to-Earn platform catalyzes rapid expansion in Web3 communities and enhances growth through active engagement and awareness. Poolz Boost rewards users for every little task and ensures that crypto and NFT projects get the required exposure. With incredible rewards put in place, any project can record massive support right from its launch.

Web2 Ads Campaign and Challenges

The Web2 media and advertisement industry is known for notable growth; however, it features notorious challenges, including low data protection, breach of privacy and costly ad campaigns. Hence, engaging ads in this space is a growing concern for endless internet users.

Unethical data breach

As individuals progress toward cyber safety, raising data breach issues in the web2 media space becomes imperative. From the over 499 million Facebook users’ data leaked in 2019 to the reported over 533 million Facebook users’ data leaked in 2021, it is clear that marketing campaigns in the web2 structure survives on collecting sensitive biometric and personal data to offer personalized ads. Hence, leading media brands like Facebook and Google have been repeatedly condemned for exploiting and exposing users’ data.

Compatibility with Web3 Projects

Decentralization and its consequential anonymity and security remain the leading and most attractive features of cryptocurrency, NFT and Web3. Hence, the space is known for its tech-savvy participants who understand the privacy and data security requirements for browsing, transacting and storing assets.

This is different from the Web2 structure, where marketers use consumer data to create personalized experiences. Hence, these campaign outlets are often characterized by poor performance for crypto projects.

To resolve this, projects have dedicated time and human resources to work on more practical and effective marketing strategies like airdrops to garner users’ interest.

Poolz Boost: Transition to Web3

Poolz Boost represents a transition from web2 media structure to web3. It creates a platform where ads and campaigns attract the right audience without breaching users’ privacy. It features an inclusive ecosystem that rewards users for tasks and ensures the project can gain massive exposure in a limited time.

The rationale behind Poolz Boost is based on these three connected chains of events:

Incentive creates willing participants: Poolz Boost onboards willing participants without breaching their data. The ecosystem allows users to participate and earn without border or financial limitations.

Willing participants engage in campaigns: The high incentive and no limitation strategy creates millions of willing participants interested in earning in a hassle-free environment. For each reward, users are required to engage in project campaigns by completing simple tasks.

Projects enjoy massive exposure: As Poolz Boost onboards more users and keeps rewards in place, campaigns launched on the platform also enjoy endless exposure.

Poolz Boost Highlights

Easy-to-use interface: From connecting wallets to completing tasks, Poolz Boost features a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface to ensure participation without the requirement for any technical skills

  • Endless rewards: Providing users with incredible rewards, users can earn from an array of compensation that includes tokens, stable rewards, whitelist access to Poolz IDOs, guaranteed allocations, NFTs, and more.
  • Free participation: The Poolz Boost ecosystem is extensively free to explore—no requirement for financial commitment in any form.  
  • KYC to eliminate bot participation: Interacting with genuine users while eliminating system manipulation is a core feature of Poolz Boost. Hence, the requirement for a simple KYC process is to ensure that rewards are paid to real users with verified information.
  • Smart Algorithm: Engaging project campaigns does not need to get arduous or take longer. Poolz Boost will introduce automated verification, prompt notification and other smart tech features that ensure users can participate and conserve time.


Quest-to-Earn remains the most effective approach to resolving engagement problems plaguing many web3 projects. The crypto, NFT, and Web3 spaces are notable for To-Earn protocols like Play-to-Earn and Move-to-Earn. Several industries have adopted these approaches to expand users’ experience and redistribute incomes. Poolz Boost Quest-to-Earn will adopt this successful path to take projects to the spotlight and enhance the sustainability of web3 for all. 

About Poolz

Poolz is the leading decentralized fundraising platform enabling crypto’s most innovative projects to kick start their journey and grow their communities. Poolz allows its users to make research-based decisions to participate in high-potential IDOs, NFT sales, and Gaming projects.

Poolz aims to be a multi-chain platform and currently, users can participate in IDOs and NFT sales on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Celo, and Avalanche, with many more to come.

Stay tuned for more upcoming IDOs

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